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Pay Roll Processing

Payroll is the procedure by which employers recompense an employee for the job they have completed. Any business with workers should have a payroll process recognized; payroll is often the largest expense for a business. At Mandlis Informatics we have an effectual and competent payroll process which will make sure that all our staff is paid correctly and constantly, keeping them content with this feature of employment and permitting HR to focus on core areas.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is the procedure by which an individual’s accounting records with accord to cash account is coordinated with the information of his bank statement. The major intent of the procedure is to find out the dissimilarity between these two records so as to keep the accounting records as suitable as possible. Mandlis Informatics reconciliation procedure is carried out at usual intervals so as to make sure that a firms’ cash record is right, we check for deceitful activities and also mitigation of troubles with admiration to bounced checks and overdraft fees.

Credit Card Reconciliation

Credit card reconciliations verify the truthfulness of data between credit card reports—or other linked reports from merchant services providers—and a firm’s internal financial reports. At Mandlis Informatics we do a complete credit card reconciliation solution wherein we import data from almost any source, counting all major ERP systems in addition to credit card statements and merchant service providers.

Financial Statements

Financial Statements represent an executive record of the financial activities of an entity. These are printed reports that enumerate the financial strength, recital, and liquidity of a firm. At Mandlis Informatics our Financial Statements replicate the financial possessions of business transactions and events on the entity.

Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Accounting

Your firm’s P&L is also identified as a profit and loss or income statement. It and the balance sheet are two of the three main financial reports formed at the end of every fiscal year, besides with the statement of cash flows. At Mandlis Informatics we make sure that your Profit & Loss Accounting and balance sheet are balanced, appraise all of the account balances carefully at the conclusion of the reporting phase.

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