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Real Estate Support Services

Are you tired of doing all the real estate transactions and procedures?

Mandlis Informatics handles all the processes in an effective way with custom built plans to meet the real estate agent’s needs. Our aim is designed to assist real estate professionals with the creation and implementation of strategies that would work on their listings.

List of Support Services

  1. Data Capture Services
  2. Title Search Services
  3. Title Examination Services
  4. Title Commitment Services

Our various offering for real estate support services includes

  • Coordinating the listings
  • Social Networking
  • Coordinating the transactions which include tracking transaction status
  • Marketing and Branding your real estate website
  • Web Management
  • Blogging
  • Creation of eBooks
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Coordination with clients, broker, agents, lenders and other stakeholders to ensure all the transactions going in a smoother way.
  • Follow up calls
  • Record and document preparation
  • Reviewing House Urban Development documents with the client

Data Capture Services

Are you seeking Data Capturing Services for Real Estate Data Entry outsourcing Services? Then, you’re in the right place. Mandlis Informatics collects and manages all the data, handles them in an organized way, converts them into right formats, analyzes and put into applicable storage, which is essential in real estate business. The whole data capturing processes becomes very essential when the real estate business aims to organize important documents into more reliable, and readily made available digital copies.

Our goal as a data entry solutions provider is to meet and satisfy the demands of the clients, specifically in real estate business, where the documents are more technical which needs to be thoroughly analyzed. With this, we provide an extensive range of custom real estate data capturing services.

Services that we offer for Real estate Data Capture

Real estate form Processing:
These are the forms produced by the business that contains important information, which is crucial to the company for consistent progress. Whether we converse about agent and clients information forms, consumer feedback survey, mortgage application form, we will handle and implement it to an effective real estate company database.

OCR and ICR technique:
Our team also are expertise in optical and intelligent character recognition solutions. Henceforth, you need not worry about how the data can be captured.

High-range and Low-range Document Scanning:
In some of the instances, the client might demand the range type scanning. Our team has professionals who can manage with negotiations relating to such needs and document digitization.

Data extraction from the real estate website/directory/portal:
Real estate data which, from the website would come in several programs and formats, which can be accurately extracted according to the client’s needs.

Real estate record transcription:
When recordings are done in the meetings/discussions for references, transcribing those data would help the company to access them in the future, which our team offers record transcription services.

Real estate On-Demand Data Capturing:
Client’s opinions matter us. Hence, any demand for real estate data capturing would be delivered accordingly, with relevant quality and consistency.

Title Search Services

Real estate companies, mortgage lenders and law institution depend on title search documents to identify the authenticity of the land in question. A title search is a monotonous task and processes which needs a detailed investigation of property records to form ownership of the landowner in question, track whether there is any outstanding dues (liens), judgments or unpaid taxes and dues which is against the property. For instance, easements and real covenants.

Are you currently seeking an outsourcing partner to minimize turn-around time, increase productivity, and manage sudden volume-flow? If yes, Mandlis Informatics, a title search solution provider, handles and supports this complex task with desired domain expertise, professional title researchers with quality procedures is the response. We at present provide entire title searches of the property, that includes, present owner and dual owner searchers within optimal turn-around time.

Present Owner Search

Considering the recent activities our research experts will carry out title search on the current title holder of the land in question. Our report review will cover each data on activities, liabilities (tax) status, county assessment data which also includes mortgages, judgments, and liens documented against the land and the owner.

Dual Owner Search

Our dual-owner search report review involves data on present vesting deed and also the deeds leading back to previous property owner’s warranty deed, tax data, and data on every unsettled mortgage, judgments, and liens documents against the land (property) and the owners.

Full Title Search

Our full title search comprises research on all the existing title holders and the earlier proprietors of the subject property. The series of title comprising the existing deed is stated, in addition to all open mortgages, judgments, and liens documented against the property. Easements and agreements impacting the subject property are also incorporated.

Trustee Sale Assurance Data
Fasten up foreclosures with our expert trustee sale assurance data and reports. Our researches Real Estate Agent Support Services would determine all needed documents like existing vesting deed, a notice of default, judgments and other notices.

Title Commitment Services

The title commitment is a script which states that a title company is ready to offer title insurance reportage. This details is offered to the buyer before the closure and lists all the probable exclusions, exceptions, and problems written and noted by the title company.

Once the title search is done, our team outsource Real Estate Data entry Services can provide assistance in preparing the draft for the preliminary title commitment which will start the terms and conditions for title insurance of the land under consideration.

Some of the services produced under title commitments
  • Report creations
  • Record review related to the property

Title Examination Services

Title examination is a thorough analysis of all the public documents which influence the title to the real estate you’re buying. The search comprises reviewing the earlier deeds, wills, and trusts to ensure the title has approved, accepted, and delivered appropriately to each new owner. The examiner puts efforts to authenticate that all the past mortgages, liens, and judgments are completely paid.

Mandlis Informatics offers the complete range of title examination Real Estate Services focusing predominantly on real estate business.

For every title examination, our team conscientiously researches the record documents and indices at the province court. On the basis of the client’s demand and requirements, the examination can be cut into a shorter period.

In full title examination, our team experts determine all the legitimate owners of the land, and also the matters that will remain to impact the property after closure, like rights of the way, real covenants, easements, and boundary line agreements. Ultimately, our examination determines liens, impediments or faults which required to be communicated prior to a transfer of the property.

Mandlis Informatics offers title examination services to several clients which includes

  • Lenders
  • Buyers
  • Lawyers and law institutes
  • Creditors

Range of services that we offer for title examination
  • Proving a whole abstract
  • Certificate of title after an examination (Depends on customer’s needs)

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