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Finance and Accounting Services

When you’re just receiving your e-commerce business off the ground, keeping trail of your investments can be a bit of a dreadful. If you need not do any accounting earlier, and this is the first business you’ve managed, it can feel devastating when you initially take a look at everything you need to keep track of and do. But never panic, as once you break it all down into manageable pieces, the accounting will become a natural part of your everyday operations and won’t take up much of your time.


  1. Order Processing (Taking)
  2. Sales and Purchase order Processing
  3. Inventory management

Product Management

  1. Product Image Upload
  2. Product Data entry
  3. Catalog Management
  4. Content Writing
  5. SKU Data Entry
  6. Image Tagging

Finance and

  1. AR Management
  2. AP Management
  3. Record to Report

Digital marketing

  1. SEO Services
  2. Web site maintenance
  3. Email marketing
  4. Social media Optimization

AR Management

Is your online store facing an unexpected cash flow crisis? Don’t know how your business got here? If that’s the situation, then you should distinguish that you are not alone. Your location is similar to that of many young eCommerce outsourcing Support Services store owners who have just started on their path to success.

At Mandlis Informatics, we add convenience and efficiency to your accounts receivable collection process. So do not think twice and send any invoices that you have electronically. Doing so will save lots of time as an email or online is quicker than any mail service, which may take many days.

Credit Card Reconciliation

Credit card reconciliations verify the truthfulness of data between credit card reports—or other linked reports from merchant services providers—and a firm’s internal financial reports. At Mandlis Informatics we do a complete credit card reconciliation solution wherein we import data from almost any source, counting all major ERP systems in addition to credit card statements and merchant service providers.

Financial Statements

Financial Statements represent an executive record of the financial activities of an entity. These are printed reports that enumerate the financial strength, recital, and liquidity of a eCommerce support services firm. At Mandlis Informatics our Financial Statements replicate the financial possessions of business transactions and events on the entity.

AP Management

Anytime a top eCommerce outsourcing companies business gets goods/services before actually paying for them, an immediate IOU is created, which totals as an AP transaction when finally paid. E-commerce businesses rely on AP loans as much as anyone else, but in e-commerce and increasingly in brick-and-mortar establishments, We at Mandlis Informatics have empowered far greater efficacy. Both time and money are set aside, first of all, only by eliminating the need to circulate paper invoices.

Record to Report

We perform all Record to Report transactional requests, month-end closing, and other activities timely and accurately by requirements stipulated in the SLA. We Ensure and uphold a robust control environment in the organization through complying and executing JSOX controls, keeping abreast of the latest GAAP and local statutory requirements as well as adhere to JTI policies & procedures 

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