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Finance and Accounting for All Other Firms

Pay Roll Processing

Financial accounting Firm permits a business to keep a trail of all its financial transactions. It is the procedure in which the firm’s records and reports all the financial data that go in and out of its business operations.

AP Management

Our Accountants lets you view, review, and approved all invoices through an exclusive easy to use the portal. You and your clients and audit and recommend from anywhere with an internet connection. Your clients will have total visibility into their AP without the need for an ERP license.

AR Management

Accounts receivable management integration is all about ensuring that consumers pay their invoices. Out Good receivables management at Mandlis Informatics helps avert overdue payment or non-payment. It is, therefore, a fast and efficient way to strengthen the firm’s financial or liquidity position.

Ledger Entries, Journal Postings

The journal entries stored during the first step offers data about which accounts are to be deducted and which to be credited and also the greatness of the debit or credit

Bank Reconciliation

A bank reconciliation statement is a record that matches the cash balance on a company’s balance sheet to the related amount on its bank statement. Reconciling the two accounts helps find if accounting changes are required. Bank reconciliations are finished at regular intervals to guarantee that the company’s cash records are precise.

Credit Card Reconciliation

Reconciling your credit card is just as requisite as reconciling your checking account at the end of the month. If you append a balance on your card, you may not then notice extra charges subsequent from identity theft or a swiped card number unless you reconcile it.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are essential, and formal annual reports. Through these fundamental accounting statements, corporate management can exchange financial information to all owners of the entity.

Cash flow Statements

The statement of cash flows offers vital information about a firm’s gross payments and receipts and allows insights into its future income needs.

Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Accounting

Balance Sheet, or otherwise known as a position statement, is a statement which shows the financial

situation of the firm on an exact date. It grades all the ownership, i.e., assets and Owings, i.e., liabilities of the firm. Profit & Loss Account, instead, also known as the income statement is the account that shows the revenue earned and expenses supported by the firm, during the business, in a financial year.

Pay Roll Processing

While the summary of payroll processing sounds quite simple, many behind-the-scenes steps need to take occur, before the actual processing work begins.

Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Closing

A financial month-end close is typically a snapshot of all business activity and transactions for the month. Accounting departments process all accounts payable transactions from the first day of the month through the final day of the year. Mandlis Informatics takes care of all your Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Closing of the accounts.

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