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Compliance And Infrastructure

  • Security breaches and data larceny have distressing business results. Unfavorable publicity is only the beginning. The possible liability for lost or stolen customer information, and even fines from regulatory organizations, mean that information security officers must devise and be able to display flexible data protection and privacy strategy.

  • Businesses must reduce risks of unlawful or illegal processing of business-critical data and shun accidental loss and obliteration or damage to data. In highly competitive industries, any data loss damages brand repute weakens customer poise and can result in business collapse.

  • Data Protection and Privacy services

    We have specialized professionals with security and privacy proficiency and understanding to assist you to comprehend risks to business-critical data. Mandlis Informatics pins down faults, and then we help you expand enterprise-wide data protection and privacy policy, construct complicated data protection solutions, and uphold your enterprise’s security setting.

  • CCTV

    CCTV used to be measured as a solution to security issues. But in the present years, the data protection act has reflected anxieties over privacy and personal rights. Saving recorded security footage is now deemed the same as storing personal data. The benefit of CCTV systems, of course, is that a company’s assets can be watched over continuously. But it becomes a more multifaceted issue when installed cameras watch employees, students, or clientele. And as ‘personal data’, the errands of data controllers in managing it are made a little more complicated.

    Ease of access to data plays an essential part of any business. However, if the data becomes compromised it can have a disastrous effect on a firm’s success. At Mandlis Informatics our CCTV services remotely observe your office and it's neighboring for security threats, break-ins or emergencies. As soon as the station receives a signal, the operators contact you to inform you of any such security breach.

  • Access & Password Security

    This doesn’t just come down to meager password choice; unlawful users can still find methods to access company information. This is usually accomplished by piggy-backing on the user’s PC while they are logged into the platform. Firms need to be looking at solutions that are reason-built to their needs, permitting them absolute control over how their data can be accessed. We at Mandlis Informatics ensure that your data accessed is secure both by users inside and outside the firm across multiple gadgets without putting data at risk.

  • Network Firewalls & Servers

    Network firewalls are security gadgets used to end or mitigate illicit access to private networks connected to the Internet, particularly intranets. The only traffic allowable on the network is defined via firewall policies – any other traffic trying to access the network is stopped. Our Network firewalls at Mandlis Informatics sit at the facade line of a network, performing as a communications connection between internal and external gadgets.

    Mandlis Informatics is an ISO 27001 certified organization; hence, we make sure that the highest level of security is in place for all your data. We contact data through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) or File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Supreme round-the-clock maintenance is offered to determine all your queries and commune project updates.