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Mobile and social technologies have introduced more choices for customers to interact with businesses, creating new opportunities along with new challenges in the area of customer experience. Having an exceptional customer experience is the goal of Mandlis Informatics

Our BPO Outsourcing Services provide customer engagement strategy enables contact center transformation, thereby enhancing the customer experience. Our BPO outsourcing company have years of expertise in contact center operations give us a leading edge in establishing, managing, and optimizing end-to-end inbound and outbound processes efficiently.

We leverage technology to deliver a seamless multichannel communication that helps our customers drive their business with a maximized return on investment.

Our Services

Inbound Call Center

Despite the rising acceptance of self-service channels, ‘voice ‘is still ago-to channel for escalated interactions. The excellence of an inbound call center and the success of its customer service efforts are inextricably associated.

Our Outbound Call Center Services Contact center experts at Mandlis Informatics have considerable experience in inbound service and are committed to delivering exceptional customer experience. Our measurable benefits include decreased call transfers and lower average handle time, in turn, increasing first contact resolution and sales. 

Order Management services

In a hyper-connected environment, any interruption in order handling or fulfillment can lead to customer agitation. Customers need real-time resolution and administration of their essentials.

Mandlis Informatics’ order management services are cost-effective and swift with on-time fulfillment. We deliver end-to-end order management services, enabling businesses to process orders efficiently, and thereby improving sales and revenue. Our 24x7 operations throughout the year ensure no order gets missed or mismanaged.

Logistics Data Entry

As a Logistics Support services proffering firm, you must be having a lot of data to be entered into your database for the records of your customers. Mandlis Informatics offers solutions to have your records noted in your database as data entry is an integral part of your business our specialists have the right proficiency.

Email Support

With over 2.9 billion email users worldwide, 86% of adults prefer email when communicating with B2C and B2B companies. Therefore, email support is considered to be a mission-crucial service for customer-sensitive businesses.

Our email support team at Mandlis Informatics is equipped with excellent multitasking skills who can work on composing emails while evaluating the situation of the customer.


As more and more businesses get tangled with optimization, it is now essential to have a well-planned Business Process Optimization strategy. Firms that do not act swiftly to develop innovative business models and all-inclusive Business Process Optimization strategy will fall behind the competition.

At Mandlis Informatics, we endow you to turn your threats into prospects. We provision you to excel in the service economy by simplifying your transition from typical products and call center Services to outcome-based business models.

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